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NNG, a global automotive software supplier, works to provide the best in-vehicle experience for all. We deliver solutions of exceptional value for hybrid navigation, cyber security, and user experience markets.

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Providing a comprehensive review of the automotive industry, this review explores the driving forces that are bringing cybersecurity into sharper focus. What is the current state of the industry? What market trends are driving adoption? Can manufacturers overcome the security limitations of the supply chain?

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Our Story

We develop the next generation of infotainment technology to improve the core driving experience and meet the ever-growing demands of drivers around the world. We are a white label automotive company that works with a wide range of map and content providers. We have a global footprint with coverage in almost 200 countries and 12 company offices and 4 auxiliary offices on 6 continents. We connect people, improve the driving experience, and meet the demands of connected and tech-savvy drivers. While people may drive the cars, we at NNG drive the in-car experience.

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Working With NNG

White Label:
Your Brand, Your Product

We are first and foremost a provider of white label solutions. This allows OEMs and Tier1 suppliers to be in complete control of the development process, and to bring their own brand to the consumer.

Freedom Of Content

We aren’t tied to any single system or provider. At NNG, we work with map and content providers around the world. This gives you the freedom to build a solution that best fits your needs. It also ensures that your products are customized for any market and any vehicle segment.

Lasting Partnership:
With You From Start To Finish

We manage your requirements through the entire life cycle of the infotainment system. Research, prototyping, development, delivery, updates, and support – we’re with you from ideation to implementation and through the lifecycle of the vehicle.

Driver In Focus

We manage the infotainment ecosystem as one entity and provide solutions that are deeply integrated with the car’s system, be it navigation or complex connected services. Our ADAS and HMI systems provide complex communication to enhance the driving experience.

Easy Development, Fast Time To Market

The flexibility of our engine allows us to develop, customize, and change solutions quickly and efficiently. Not only does this reduce the cost of development for our partners, but it also means faster time to market.


Latest news

EcoMotion Week 2022 will be hosted in Tel Aviv, Israel, this year attendees from across the globe will be able to meet and talk to experts in the smart mobility field.

Being based in Budapest, the current situation in Ukraine feels very close to home. Our thoughts are with the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens still fleeing their home country to safe havens throughout Hungary and the rest of Europe.  

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