Innovation as well as research and development have always been of cardinal importance for NNG. In order to undertake such activities, we have been regular applicants for development assistance funding. Since 2009, we have submitted applications for a number of development assistance programmes financed by national and EU funds. Our applications were successful in the following cases.

Successful applications:


“Introduction of Microsoft Dynamics Navision company management system at Nav N Go Kft.”

“Innovation-technology development programme implemented by Nav N Go Kft. in order to become a permanent automotive supplier”

“Market-oriented research and development programme at Nav N Go Kft. — Developing the prototype of a technically workable location-based mobile application platform”

Research And Development

Research and development have always played a prominent role in NNG’s life. Thanks to innovation and the constant enhancement of our products, our company has become a leading player in the navigation market. This is the power of our development.

The main objective of our development projects is to produce new and innovative solutions founded on the latest scientific and technological research findings, which will be popular with our users and business partners.

In order to accomplish these objectives, we pay special attention to research and development. To encourage business development, we have established a structure that enables us to support innovative activities to the maximum extent. We supervise the development chain from the drawing board through pilot projects to the construction of prototypes. We provide our experts with all the means and facilities (time and resources) they need to fully implement their ideas.

By bringing together innovations from various fields of research and publishing the results, we aim to build up a knowledge base that lays a strong foundation for providing high-standard solutions with remarkable added value.

As an important part of our research and development activities, we have established a real and active relationship with several traditional, university-based research groups. By sharing our industrial experience, our intention of setting common research objectives should produce results of mutual benefit to both parties.

Our research partners:

  • ELTE Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics, Faculty of Informatics (IT)
  • ELTE Visualization Center, Faculty of Sciences (TTK)
  • BME Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics (BME TMIT)
  • BME Mobile Innovation Center (MIK)

Industrial trends as well as economic developments have encouraged us to establish cooperative relationships with the role players of the national market. Our expectation of such cooperations is to provide us with a common answer and enable us to put a wide range of complex products and services onto the market through these relationships. To achieve this, we need to harmonize our research and development projects, and create a forum where views and ideas can be exchanged. The opportunity to build such relationships is provided by the Mobility and Multimedia Cluster, which we joined in 2009.

Our primary goal is to continue to incorporate cutting-edge technological innovations into our software products, which can guarantee us a major market advantage. We believe that all this can be achieved through innovation and research.