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iGO Navigation At A Glance: Global One-Technology Solution The iGO Navigation Engine is one of the most modular and flexible GPS navigation engines in the navigation industry. Our global one-technology solution enables us to reduce development cost and time from project to project. Flexible Customization The flexibility of the iGO Navigation Engine...

Mazda Case Study

Challenges NNG was tasked with designing and implementing a next-generation navigation HMI to fit into the Mazda CONNECT infotainment system specifications. The primary HMI objective was to minimize visual, cognitive, and manual distractions while employing a 3-option-control method for initiating commands: voice, touch, and rotary controller. Seam...

Map Update Solutions

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Map Update Possibilities End User Solutions We offer a global map update website for end-users with a wide range of supported device models. Partner Update Solutions Using our wide range of partner update solutions, we help manufacturers, car dealerships, showrooms, and resellers to update their head-units according to their preferences. Over The A...

Content Aggregation

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Making more maps available on every device through our unique compression technology As the first navigation supplier to compress the full Europe map and software into a 1 GB SD card, our compression technology takes diverse and complex navigation data and compresses it into a single, scaled-down format. Using a technique known as map-stitching, we...

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User experience above all User Experience Above All Our global Professional Services team can conceptualize advanced engineering cases, proof of concepts, and take them through production. With more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, we test and model solutions related to infotainment systems, audio-visual interfaces, and the o...