Product overview

NNG is a leading global supplier of embedded and connected software for the automotive industry. Found in over 60 million devices worldwide, its product lines span Navigation, Connected Services, Cockpit, and Cybersecurity. NNG delivers seamless, next-gen mobility solutions that are smart, secure, and connected – from the cockpit to the cloud. 


Key benefits

Cloud Based Software as a Service Solution

  • Overcome data freshness challenges with a scalable cloud-based delivery system.

Standardized Interfaces and Protocols

  • Reduces integration challenges with ready-to-deploy software for common automotive platforms, including low-cost hardware.

Reduces data consumption by up to 90%

  • Storing and transmitting data is one of the most expensive parts of horizon provision. With contextual use of map-path and tile streaming, data consumption can be reduced by up to 90%. 

Future proof extendibility

  • Evolve current services, and create new customer revenue opportunities, by adding new ADAS functionality simply and easliy in the cloud.

Full lifecycle support without the cost of ownership

  • Thanks to our cloud-based solution, the freshest map-path and service updates are always available on-demand. No development, infrastructure or maintenance required.

Key benefits

Safer and more convenient driving experience

  • Lane-Level guidance helps your customers to see the road as they have never seen before. Show unmarked lanes and intersections, and easily navigate complex highway interchanges.

Increase driver awareness

  • Eliminate distraction, bringing drivers’ attention back to the road with intuitive, flexible HUD and UI options.

Increase brand experience

  • Create unique, immersive brand experiences that stand apart from traditional embedded solutions and offer a user experience unmatched by smartphone navigation solutions. 

Scale for other ADAS use-cases

  • Novel guidance and visualization techniques for advanced driver assistance systems bridge the user acceptance gap between assisted and automated driving.

Benefit from a managed update service

  • Removes the need for additional infrastructure, maintenance, and development with a managed update service.

Key benefits

Built for EV

  • EV-first mobility platform that scales and grows over the lifetime of the fleet. Deep powertrain integration enable effective route-planning and real-time energy consumption modelling that simplifies the EV journey.

Always Up-to-Date

  • Real-time delivery of the latest map data to the vehicle, with data streaming and seamless hybrid switching for on- and off-line use cases.

Prime Brand Experience

  • Scaleable, upgradable, easy to customize high performance UX with multi-screen support.

Ready to Integrate

  • Easy integration with an end-to-end Android-based application that features lightweight APIs for flexible customization.

Key benefits

Up-to-Date Maps in the Car

  • The incremental map update technology allows for seamless map updates. NNG’s proprietary Web Services Portal already supports several million registered users.

Cloud Services 

  • Real-time traffic, parking, fuel price, and weather data transferred to the head unit. Cloud routing for higher efficiency and advanced navigation features such as predictive navigation and pre-drive alerts.

Personalized and Predictive 

  • Non-intrusive assistance for improved driver safety and peace of mind.

One-Box Search

  • Hybrid solution to make the best of local and online data.

Companion Application

  • Convenient and familiar interface to manage content on the head unit and use advanced features like last-mile navigation and pre-drive alerts on the smartphone.

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