Off-Road Navigation

An autonomous ready navigation solution that overcomes traversability issues. Road networks are no longer needed for smooth route planning

NNG Off-Road combines advanced sensor agnostic terrain classification technology with accurate physical motion vehicle simulation, bringing you an off-road navigation solution that is designed with both the modern driver and the autonomous vehicle in mind. Whether manual or autonomous, NNG Off-Road can provide your vehicle with an accurate assessment of terrain and personalize your route plan to suit your vehicle’s specifications. Freeing you to explore the unexplored.


Terrain Intelligence

NNG Off-Road is a technological breakthrough that combines the principles of autonomous driving with the advanced capabilities necessary to navigate complex, off-road terrain. This breakthrough enables any off-road capable vehicle to autonomously navigate through rough and uneven terrain at any time of day and in any weather conditions.


Based on sophisticated machine learning and computer vision technology, and utilizing commercial mapping material such as orthophotographs and aerial images, NNG Off-Road classifies the terrain and generates a traversability map. This combines terrain topography, classification, and vehicle specifications to calculate the easiest and safest route. 


Driverless Exploration

When driving off the beaten track, NNG Off-Road perceives real-life obstacles and if necessary modifies the route. This dramatically improves the vehicle’s maneuvering possibilities, enabling optimal route planning and ensuring the vehicle arrives at its destination in the most efficient manner possible. 


NNG Off-Road can power driverless solutions in a wide range of leisure applications, as well as other industries, such as mining, firefighting, manufacturing, and infrastructure, effectively reducing costs and supporting innovative business models for off-road activities.


Key Features

Enhanced Terrain Classification

Creates a high-resolution 3D classification database of terrain, using commercial mapping material.

Physical Motion Simulation

Accurately simulates vehicle dynamics in real-time based on vehicle dynamics and manufacturer specifications.

High-Fidelity Traversability Maps

Generates traversability maps by combining terrain classification database and vehicle motion simulation.

AI-Based Navigation Decisions

The unique AI-based solution allows NNG Off-Road to make decisions about the route on the move. If an obstacle cannot be traversed the solution updates the maps and offers alternative routes.

Autonomous Ready

Data from sensors around the vehicle can provide ongoing, detailed information about the driving environment. This includes dynamic objects such as people and animals or other vehicles. When combined with the traversability maps, this offers true, real-time response in autonomous situations.