Premium French cars to use Hungarian software

Three premium Renault models to use NNG’s iGO Navigation Software

Premium Renault cars equipped with iGO Navigation already runnning all across Europe.

The interesting thing about the solution that can be found in Espace, Kadjar, Megane and Talisman models is that this is NNG’s first, fully Android-based automotive solution and that it is able to cater with various sophisticated features to enhance driver security. The software is able to communicate with Renault’s OSP (over speed prevention) sensor. The car recognizes the speed limit, forwards the information to the software so drivers are notified accordingly.

The software also allows the driver to customize the HMI (human-machine interface) on the head-unit. Not only can they choose color schemes, but the software also offers a big and a small widget. This allows drivers to see the whole map and the vehicle’s position (on the big widget), or just the turn-by-turn icons, the distance, and the estimated time to the final destination (on the small widget).

This is not the first time Renault equips its models with iGO Navigation: NNG provided navigation solutions for the manufacturer’s Dacia models already in 2011. With this step, NNG had a huge effect on the navigation market planting the concept of navigation solutions not only being an extra for the premium segment.

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