NNG Launches Project with Ford Motor Company

Localized for 7 regions including Latin America, India and South East Asia

BUDAPEST, Hungary. (31st October, 2016) — NNG LLC – an industry-leading supplier of navigation software and infotainment solutions — today announced the successful completion of its Tier 1 navigation solutions engagement with  Ford Motor Company. The announcement was made by NNG CEO Giles Shrimpton.

The result of the cooperation is a high quality, reliable navigation solution that is fully tailored to compliment the Ford brand in-car experiences. NNG’s global automotive knowledge is well showcased in this OEM project as it is deeply localized in 7 select regions, covering more than 50 countries including Central America, India, Sri Lanka, Caribbean, Israel, most of Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Special local features are included to cater to the unique needs of each market, such as a Makkah finder available in Arabic regions and full off-road support in Africa with an option to easily change between map providers on the spot by the driver. The software also handles local languages, both in voice and display.

The navigation system is also integrated with the vehicle’s infotainment system, including the diagnostics display and interface, and features nearby fuel station availability which is linked to the low fuel indicator. In addition, NNG will provide global support for full map updates for an initial period of five years.


We are proud to welcome Ford as a true OEM partner. We worked closely with Ford to leverage our global navigation expertise and made certain that the Ford customer experience is exceptional in all regions worldwide said Giles Shrimpton

Line-fit equipped NNG Navigation is expected to be first featured in the Ford Explorer, Expedition, and Mustang models introduced in autumn 2016 in the Middle East region.

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