Augmented Reality Lane-Level Guidance Webinar

Catch up on-demand with our free 60-minute webinar, in which NNG’s Martin Pfeifle, Christoph Bonik of Artisense, and atlatec’s Henning Lategahn discuss their collaboration on augmented reality lane-level guidance.

Learn how advanced guidance and visualization, fusing 6D sensor data with HD-enriched maps, can enhance both on- and offline advanced driver assistance systems.

nng atlatec artisense augmented reality lane level guidance automated driving adas

Key topics and takeaways:

1. Learn how 3D maps can be created at scale using low-cost sensors and AI. 

2. Discover how intelligent lane level 6DoF (degrees-of-freedom) positioning capabilities can be combined with readily available HD-enriched maps.

3. Understand how 6D pose is not only a foundation for precise AR guidance applications but also automated driving.

4. Explore how this solution can be combined with novel guidance and visualization techniques to create advanced driver assistance systems that bridge the gap between assisted and automated driving.

5. Join an engaging discussion about how we can enable greater cross-collaboration between automotive industry players from the perspective of mapping and positioning.


About Artisense

Artisense is a computer vision and sensor fusion software company that develops an integrated localization platform using cameras as lead sensor for the automation of robots, vehicles, and spatial intelligence applications. Artisense provides products and technology for highly accurate, robust, and safe navigation or surveying in any space and with low-cost hardware.

About atlatec

atlatec is a German-born high-definition (HD) mapping company, working for international carmakers and their suppliers. atlatec builds scalable 3D mapping technology which guides automated vehicles and supports advanced driver assistance systems. atlatec’s mission is to build technology to create an inch-perfect 3D digital copy of every paved road in Europe, North America, and Japan.

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