Content Aggregation

Aggregating Globally, Delivering Locally - Navigation cannot be global without first being local, and we apply that principal by aggregating a truly diverse and localized portfolio of map and service content from providers all over the world.

Making more maps available on every device through our unique compression technology

As the first navigation supplier to compress the full Europe map and software into a 1 GB SD card, our compression technology takes diverse and complex navigation data and compresses it into a single, scaled-down format. Using a technique known as map-stitching, we can aggregate a large variety of map-related information from providers around the world and stitch it into a universal format. Designed for the iGO Navigation Engine, the scaled-down format offers a high performance no matter the hardware or CPU. It also means that the iGO Navigation Engine and its map content can be delivered to all car markets, from high-end to ultra-low-cost.

Scope Of Coverage

More content coverage than any other single source

190 Supported countries
32 Map Providers
50 Other Content Providers
50 Supported Languages

Provider Independence

As an independent, white label company we work with the best content providers in the world and aggregate the widest selection of services. A truly one-stop-shop experience, Tier1 partners and OEMs now have an easier and faster way of customizing navigation solutions that best fit their needs. Our global one-technology engine reduces cost and time-to-market by allowing Tier1 partners and OEMs to contract just one supplier for both map and service content anywhere in the world.

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