Map Update Solutions

We believe that keeping in-car maps and software updated and using connected services are the basic components of the best user experience today. So we integrated these features into the iGO Navigation software.

Map Update Possibilities

End User Solutions

We offer a global map update website for end-users with a wide range of supported device models.

Partner Update Solutions

Using our wide range of partner update solutions, we help manufacturers, car dealerships, showrooms, and resellers to update their head-units according to their preferences.

Over The Air Update

Content offered by NNG can be downloaded to head-units that have connection capabilities – whether it’s a SIM card, tethered smartphone, or Wi-Fi connection.

Incremental Map Updates

The incremental map update feature enables users to update maps by downloading only the changes that have been made to a map since the last version, thus saving time and bandwidth.

Why To Use Updated Maps?

Each day, about 2.7 million changes are made to the road network worldwide, so there is a good chance that a part of your journey will be affected. 

(Option For A Safer And More Relaxed Driving)

If the maps are outdated, your navigation system may frequently provide you with improper instructions. Updated navigation helps safe driving by preparing for unexpected situations arising from changes in the road network. Anyone can encounter annoying mistakes in route planning that are often thought to be the fault of the navigation system. Actually, the most common reason for errors in route calculation is due to the outdated maps.

Time And Cost Effective
(Optimized Travel Time And Fuel Consumption)

By using updated maps the system may saves you time by optimal route planning.|You may also reduce the average fuel consumption of your vehicle by up to 12 per cent.|

(Comfort And Efficiency By POI)

It is not only the road network that changes, but the database of available places of interest as well. It includes a list of gas stations, ATMs, pharmacies, restaurants, accommodation and many other places that you may need while traveling.


Naviextras is a white label, end-to-end platform for OEMs to manage map updates and connected services for their end users. Naviextras works as an update distribution platform, making it easy to distribute free-for-customer updates such as MapCare or Latest Map Guarantee. Through our update platform, OEMs are also able to provide additional connected services and related online features such as live traffic, weather, fuel prices, and much more.

Naviextras also functions as an after-sales consumer web store to sell updates, extra map coverage, connected service subscriptions, and much more. Visit to see more.

Benefits Of Naviextras

White Label

Naviextras can be fully customized and branded according to the needs of our partners. We give the website and the Toolbox application a customized look and feel in order to comply with any branding requirements.

Update Distribution Platform

Our update distribution platform offers map updates, software updates, and several extra content services. We provide several delivery methods and different subscription options depending on our partners’ needs and preferences.

Connected Navigation Services Platform

Through Naviextras users can subscribe to and benefit from the connected services in our portfolio. Our connected services portfolio includes live weather, parking, fuel, local search, traffic, safety cameras, location sharing, and much more.

Naviextras Toolbox – Easier Updates For Your Customers

The Naviextras Toolbox is an OSX/Windows/Linux-based application designed to install and organize content on a range of devices and headunits. It lets end users access content updates, additional content, and service subscriptions onto their navigation device. It’s also easy to make backups of existing data files or move them between navigation systems.

Toolbox can be installed to the user's PC or onto the navigation device depending on the car device brand.


2200 update packages
190 countries covered
4 million registered users
120 content providers
30 supported languages
7700 supported devices


Map Updates Through Smartphone Connection

Overall significantly lowered entry barrier for value added services

  • Easy map update process for the headunit via the smartphone
  • Well-established and familiar payment process via the in-app shop on the smartphone

Learn more about NNG’s solutions for smartphone integration under NavFusion Platform