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Our mission is to provide GPS Navigation for All. We develop the groundbreaking iGO Navigation Engine, which has separated itself as the leading car navigation product across all global markets and all car segments. As an independent, white label supplier, NNG offers fully flexible solutions that solve problems in the automotive industry and meet market demands. Our strong partnerships with leading navigation map and content providers around the world allow us to deliver fully customizable and proven turnkey solutions to Tier1 and OEM partners working in automotive, telematics, and personal and wireless markets.

Case Study

Case Study

iGO Navigation At A Glance:

Global One-Technology Solution

The iGO Navigation Engine is one of the most modular and flexible GPS navigation engines in the navigation industry. Our global one-technology solution enables us to reduce development cost and time from project to project.

Flexible Customization

The flexibility of the iGO Navigation Engine allows partners to choose between 100% turnkey, custom-built solutions or our comprehensive SDK. We encourage our partners to choose customized, region specific solutions that help them deliver a unique user experience in any market around the world.

Connectivity And Smartphone Integration

Our NavFusion Platform delivers a complete OEM-branded ecosystem. We connect deeply integrated in-dash car GPS navigation and reliable maps with the driver’s smartphone with our navigation app and cloud services for a more intelligent and predictive use of navigation in the car.

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Customized Update Methods

NNG’s Naviextras portal is one of the most comprehensive navigation map, software and other content update websites in the industry that can be designed to fit the branding needs of our partners. It currently supports millions of registered users and over 7,000 different device models and supports subscription services and time-based licensing. The portal also enables connected services to the OEMs through our own provider independent platform.

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Global Coverage, Local Expertise

As a fully independent company that aggregates content worldwide, we provide more country specific content than any other car navigation provider. We work together with the best navigation map, content and service providers around the world to create the best solutions for our partners in any region of the world while offering a range of options to help you select the best providers for any project.

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Turnkey or SDK

As our partner, you have the freedom to choose the level of customization that best suits your needs. We have proven turnkey solutions that provide end users with a reliable and user-friendly GPS navigation solution.


For more complex projects and regions, partners can build completely customized solutions that better meet market demands. We work with you from prototyping to development and through the life cycle of the infotainment solution. This allows us to fully integrate and customize our solution so you can deliver a more engaging and intuitive in-car infotainment experience.

Key Features

Our GPS navigation solutions are designed for automotive use and can seamlessly adapt to smartphones and tablets. With its fewer menu screens and easier command options the consolidated User Interface of our car navigation provides a simpler HMI for the automotive industry.

Automotive Design

Adaptive HMI – Our adaptive HMI provides Tier1 and OEM partners with a solution that is easily adapted to multimedia hardware units in any car segment. This flexibility makes the adaptation of screens, layout, and buttons to different resolutions a simple matter of configuration, thereby reducing development time.

Multimodal Data Entry – Data entry options include voice activation, rotary controller, touch screen, or a combination of these technologies. Depending on user expectations, regional market, and vehicle size, our partners can choose which data entry model is most suitable for their next product.

Flexibility: Easy Development, Fast Time To Market

The flexibility of our engine allows us to develop, customize, and change solutions quickly and efficiently. Not only does this reduce the cost of development for our partners, but it also means faster time to market.

Smartphone Integration

Two stand-alone navigation applications run on the headunit and the user’s smartphone, allowing the driver to navigate in or out of the car. As soon as the user gets in the car, maps, content, POIs, favorites, and other navigation related data of the two navigation apps are synched in the background, ensuring all devices are always up-to-date.

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Cloud-Based Services

With Live services aggregated from multiple content providers around the world, we provide live weather, parking, fuel, local search, traffic, and other services to improve the everyday driving experience with more informative and predictive features.

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Enhanced Visualization

Our enhanced visualization engine makes the visualization of iGO Navigation solutions even faster, more attractive, and more realistic. Smoother rendering and faster load times, as well as minimized CPU usage, means that hardware costs are reduced for our partners and situational awareness is improved for drivers.

Map Updates

Our white label and customizable Naviextras update portal allows our OEM partners to choose from a range of navigation map update options that they can offer as value-adding extra with their vehicles. This flexibility means that you can select an update method that fits your business model, and gives end users the best possible update experience.

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OS Independent

Our navigation software supports all major operating systems, which makes it ready to use in different automotive headunits, tablets, and smartphones.


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