How We Work

We Innovate

We take pride in guiding our partners through the development process. We’re an automotive company first and foremost, and we work with you from ideation to implementation and through the lifecycle of the vehicle. This complete and holistic approach to our work means that you’ll never be left behind as our industry continues to change.

We Develop

We develop the award-winning iGO Navigation Engine, which is flexible, designed for automotive use, and can be deeply integrated into any project. Our one-engine technology solution is easily customizable, modular, and equipped with the best route guidance in the industry. Our Professional Services engineering team can also assist you in prototyping and developing proofs of concept, whether it’s navigation, connectivity, HMI, or the complete in-car experience.

We Aggregate

As an independent and white label company, we aggregate from more than 50 map and content suppliers around the world. This means that you can select providers on a regional basis to offer the most in-depth and comprehensive coverage in any part of the world.

We Customize

We can help you in the customization process from ideation to implementation and through the lifecycle of the vehicle. Anything can be customized to fit OEM needs depending on branding requirements, region served, user experience, and product line. As a result, our development process adheres to your needs and keeps you entirely in control of your product.

We Integrate

It doesn’t matter how many screens are in the car, what type of input method is required, or the level of hardware being used, we can create a solution that meets all of your demands and offers the best possible user experience. For deep integration, we can configure our technology to communicate with the car sensors, surrounding environment (ADAS), or with smartphones and the cloud.

We keep it fresh

We provide map updates and a latest map guarantee through a variety of options, including incremental updates, over the air updates, end user solutions, and partner solutions. This way, end users are guaranteed that their software, maps, and content are accurate, effective, and easy to keep fresh.