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November 2004

Nav N Go Kft. is founded. Several investors, including GPS&More, join the company, and their global navigation business experience also contributes to Nav N Go’s success.

March 2006

At CeBIT Hannover, Germany, Nav N Go launches the biggest sensation in the navigation world: iGO My way 2006 with maps of 26 European countries on a 1GB memory card. Since its international launch in 2006 with the Europe map, iGO navigation software has risen dramatically to become a leader in the personal, wireless and automotive navigation industry.

August 2006

Nav N Go acquires PDAmill, a 3D gaming solutions company that participated in the development of iGO My way software from the very beginning.

March 2007

At the Hannover CeBIT, Nav N Go unveils its real 3D map software Nav N Go iGO 8. The company introduces maps of the USA, Canada and Europe on a 2GB SD card.

August 2007

At IFA Berlin, Germany, Nav N Go presents partners that have launched navigation products based on 3D Nav N Go iGO8, such as the Mio 620 and Sony PSP, featuring a full Europe map.

January 2008

Nav N Go goes to America! 3D-based Nav N Go iGO 8 is introduced at CES Las Vegas with maps of Canada and the USA.

March 2008

At CeBIT in Hanover, Nav N Go introduces the memory card version of its 3D navigation software Nav N Go iGO 8. At the international fair, the company concludes promising co-operation agreements with several global companies.

April 2008

Nav N Go launches Nav N Go iGO 8 on the Hungarian market. The software is available on a microSD memory card, featuring maps for 43 European countries, and making navigation easier with its high number of user-friendly functions.

May-August 2008

A growing number of navigation products and PDAs are introduced with Nav N Go’s 3D navigation software. World-renowned brands include Clarion, Asus and Ramar.

September 2008

As platinum-grade sponsor of the Canalys International Navigation Forum, Nav N Go hosts the key players of the navigation industry in Budapest, Hungary.

October-November 2008

Nav N Go’s outstanding performance is rewarded with several prestigious prizes honoring the approach they employ in the area of technology and business. Among Nav N Go’s prizes are the IT-Business Leadership Award, the ‘Rising Star’ category award in the Technology Fast 50 list drawn up by Deloitte, and the 2008 Business Ethics Award.

December 2008

Naviextras.com, Nav N Go’s new map and content update portal is launched. Apart from updates for the PDA versions of Nav N Go iGO 8, updates for several PNA brands are also available. In addition, the portal offers new maps and other additional content for purchase.

January 2009

Nav N Go announces extensions to its map coverage and introduces map data solutions for Chile, China, and India. This increases the development company's map coverage of South America, and proves Nav N Go's pioneering credentials, by becoming one of the first on the market to provide mapping solutions for China.

March 2009

Nav N Go introduces its brand-new premium-category product line, iGO amigo, at CeBIT 2009 in Hanover, Germany. This navigation software solution, optimized for PNAs, generates interest from a large number of well-known navigation device manufacturers.

April-June 2009

iGO amigo is introduced to the North American market and in several European countries, and launched on the navigation devices of several of Nav N Go's key partners.

August 2009

Nav N Go launches iGO My way 2009 for iPhone, a software solution offering lifelike 3D navigation. The product is available in North America, Europe, and Western Europe editions.

November 2009

The iGO My way navigation program debuts on Google’s Android platform as well.

March 2010

At CeBIT Hanover the company announces its ultimate premium-category navigation software iGO primo®, which combines simplicity with state-of-the-art technology.

June 2010

iGO primo® takes the leading position in the automotive line-fit segment. The company showcases the navigation solution for ultra-low cost automotive solutions at the Telematics Detroit conference and show.

October 2010

iGO primo® is now connected. As well as new features such as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), advanced TTS and satellite imagery, the latest software update optimizes routing and guidance through real-time information: Google local search, online traffic, and speed camera data from traditional data providers and alert point communities.

December 2010

In 2009 and 2010 the company turned the steering wheel in a new direction. The company serves both the PND and wireless industries with the most global and independent white-label navigation software; but most importantly the company established its leading position in the automotive industry!

Recent changes in the company strategy, a broadened product portfolio, new geographic markets and the adaptation of the iGO My way brand as the umbrella brand have resulted in one more change: a refreshed look and a fresh company name, which has changed  from Nav N Go LLC to NNG LLC!

iGO primo® China edition for automotive line-fit, dealer-fit and aftermarket projects is unveiled at Telematics@China, bringing impressive 3D visualization and localized Chinese navigation software to the Chinese car manufacturing industry.

January 2011

At CES Las Vegas NNG and global map provider NAVTEQ jointly introduce the Natural Guidance function, featuring reference points that go beyond distance and directions to include structures such as buildings, bridges and traffic signals as well as other natural landmarks.

March 2011

NNG unveils its upgraded software for iPhone, iGO primo app, at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. Running on the iGO primo software engine tried and tested on personal navigation devices, the refreshed application offers over 100 new features and enhancements,  including location-based search, green routing and lifelike junction views.

April 2011

NNG launches its iGO primo app for iPhone. The new application, with map coverage of 70 countries and 24 additional regional editions, works on a completely made-over engine for an even more stable application, and delivers over 100 new features and enhancements to the user.

May 2011

As part of the Hungarian EU Presidency, one of the most important agenda-setting boards of the Council of the European Union, also known as Coreper I, visits NNG’s office building in Bérc utca. The board of more than 100 representatives learns about the company’s international success story, the importance of the European market and the challenges the company is facing.

The company successfully completes its 18-month project aiming at producing a navigation solution that meets the requirements of built-in car systems. In order to undertake such activities, in 2009 NNG submitted a funding application entitled "KMOP-2009-1.1.6 Innovation-technology development programme implemented by Nav N Go Kft. in order to become a permanent automotive supplier" and received development assistance funding granted by the EU.

June 2011

Fujitsu Ten Limited, a worldwide manufacturer of original automotive electronics products, and NNG announce their cooperation. The two companies jointly produce an audio, video and navigation unit that will arrive built into dashboards of selected vehicle brands on the European, North American and Australian markets in the first half of 2012.

July 2011

Enjoying the fruits of a multi-year development project, the 2012 version of Ford’s Territory, the first model with NNG’s navigation on board, is delivered throughout Australia.

NNG introduces a new category on App Store: country maps are now available through the in-app purchase function of iGO primo app. The feature update enables users of the Hungary and Romania edition of iGO primo app to add country maps through the in-app purchase function, and so extend their navigation range.

August 2011

Cars offering iGO navigation are on the production line in Europe.

NNG introduces version 2.0 of its flagship navigation software iGO primo®. The new software version marks a major leap forward in the evolution of personal navigation by interpreting the user’s behavior and offering fast solutions in everyday traffic situations.

October 2011

iGO primo® is launched in India. Thanks to the cooperation between NNG and NAVTEQ, the Navon N485 personal navigation device provides its users with a reliable map of nearly 2,000 towns and cities as well as with a database of 4.1 million POIs.

Upon the recommendation of the Hungarian government, NNG LLC’s president David Wiernik is appointed honorary consul of Hungary in Israel.

November 2011

The number of registered users on NNG’s software and map update portal naviextras.com exceeds one million.

NNG launches the localized Russia edition of iGO primo® 2.0. The company offers its flagship software as a white-label solution for PNDs and aftermarket devices.

NNG reinforces its rapid growth in India by opening its office in the area.

December, 2011

NNG opens its new office in the world’s largest car manufacturing country, China.

July, 2012

NNG and Vodafone sign global agreement allowing NNG to deliver a complete connectivity solution to its OEM partners with Vodafone’s machine to machine (M2M) SIM card along with its software licenses.

November, 2012

The company’s Indian business is thriving thanks to important local partnerships, like Ayana Navigation Solutions’ Navigator App which runs on the iGO Navigation Engine.

NNG marks its presence among the on-board navigation solution providers, surpassing 20 million licenses sold to line-fit OEM partners.


NNG plays a determining role as navigation solutions provider for the automotive industry with 7 out of the 10 biggest auto brands already using the iGO Navigation Engine for their infotainment solution.

As its next step towards global expansion NNG plans to enter the Japanese and South Korean market.