Achievements: Setting a Standard

Ours has been a journey of inspired discovery. The visionary founders and developers of NNG utilized their talents gained in the gaming industry to build a new navigation engine, and in that process, the user experience in navigation was revolutionized.

The iGO Navigation engine arrived on the scene with:

  • breakthrough map compression technology;
  • the industry‚Äôs first real 3D visualization software;
  • the most modular and flexible engine in the navigation sector.

The iGO Navigation engine forms the first pillar of NNG's history. By 2008, it became clear that navigation solutions would soon be persistently connected to the internet. And for that connection to be meaningful, there had to be a robust web services component at the other end.

And so was born Naviextras, the most complete content and services platform in the navigation industry. Map data from 30 vendors worldwide, additional content and services from more than 70 providers, 9 languages on the web; all of this is delivered seamlessly to car infotainment systems, portable navigation devices and smartphones.