iGO Navigation solutions for automotive line-fit, dealer-fit and aftermarket segments

As the global leader in white-label navigation solutions and developer of the standard-setting iGO Navigation range, we have broadened our focus on automotive line-fit, dealer-fit and aftermarket segments.
Our extensive experience in development, increased focus on quality, and software architecture and capabilities, which provide stunning visualization without additional GPU hardware costs, add up to the right choice in navigation and LBS innovation.


Introducing NavFusion - map updates and connectivity made simple

NavFusion™, the freshest feature of iGO Navigation, provides a simple and future-proof way to integrate the smartphone into the car. The infotainment system is fully functional as it leaves the factory. Downloading and using the free smartphone application is optional.
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iGO Navigation - tried-and-tested automotive navigation

  • Robust and reliable: over 20 million units shipped and 150 business partners served;
  • Tested and market-proven: extensive list of international customers and Tier-1 suppliers;
  • Provision of turnkey navigation/infotainment solutions and navigation components offered as software development kits (SDK);
  • Industry-leading 3D visualization, voice recognition, connected services and more;
  • Active participation in GENIVI-based solution development with multiple Tier1 automotive suppliers;
  • Online update services on – content and services delivery on a robust and reliable platform, serving consumer and dealer networks.

Efficient iGO Navigation engine

  • Extremely efficient engine technology to enable significant reductions in BOM (bill f materials);
  • Experienced software development teams and modular engine technology to reduce cost of customization;
  • Supporting all major operating systems such as QNX, Android, LINUX, Windows and more;
  • Global navigation solutions;
  • The most extensive and detailed map coverage – Nokia, TomTom and 28 additional map data sources around the world, covering over 115 countries;
  • The most global navigation software solution: sold in over 60 countries, with over 50 different voices and HMI languages.

Supported hardware configurations

  • Processors and MPU’s: MIPS, Renesas SH, ARM, TI, Intel and more;
  • Working with or without hardware graphics acceleration;
  • Standard off-the-shelf or customized screen resolution.

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Applicable products

iGO primo

iGO primo

Simply Advanced Navigation

iGO primo

Main Features

  • NavFusion Solution
  • State-of-the-art intuitive UI
  • Intuitive features
  • Truck features
  • Fleet and mobile resource management
  • Latest Map Guarantee
  • HD 3D Visual Experience
  • Connected features
View all details on the iGO primo product page
iGO primo


  • Green Routing
  • iGO_primo_Route_Alternatives
  • iGO_primo_Terrain_Visualization_2