MZD Connect – NNG Development in the New Mazda3

The all-new Mazda3 can be ordered at official Mazda dealers in Hungary since end of October– first sales figures show that the same success is expected as the new Mazda6 had recently reached.


The new model has a strong road presence, bold and sporty design, and features all the elements of SKYACTIV technology. Through MZD Connect – whose navigation software was developed by local Hungarian company NNG LLC – the driver can stay online safely, without his attention being distracted from the road.

The seamlessly integrated, fully functional multimedia system, which appears in Mazda3’s Active Driving Display, runs on NNG’s iGO Navigation engine, and brings a real intuitive user experience to Mazda3 drivers. TTS, voice recognition and full 3D navigation provide accurate and scenic driving. This solution, supported by Mazda’s MZD Connect, is the first on the market to offer an embedded connected-service package with internet connection provided through the driver’s smartphone. Drivers will be able to access dynamic local search, fuel prices, real-time traffic and weather information free of charge in the first 60 days, and benefit from 3 years of free map updates with two Full Europe versions*. NNG’s and Mazda’s joint online portal - which will launch early in 2014 and will be designed to the look and feel of the Mazda brand – will also offer map update and online service support.

Mazda’s new design, KODO, has really inspired us to develop an integrated infotainment system, with knowledge and refined features matching the look and performance of the car. We succeeded in offering cutting-edge solutions in the head unit, enhanced safety, usability and comfort to the driver”– said Péter Balogh, CEO of NNG.

*the availability of each online service (local search, fuel price, real-time traffic, weather information) depends on region and country